You probably have some questions, right? Let's try to answer a few of them.

What, exactly, is Dark Ages?

In what may now be considered the mists of time (the year 2000), Nexon decided to bring the Korean MMORPG Legends of Darkness to the US market. The first director, David Ethan Kennerly, created a rich and vibrant world drawing from a variety of influences, from Lovecraft to Celtic mythology.

Dark Ages, uniquely, had functioning, player-driven political, religious, and social systems, all of which had real and tangible impacts on the greater world, allowing for an unprecedented empowerment of its inhabitants. Many players (or, in the language of Temuair, Aislings) who played Dark Ages during its heyday widely consider it to be one of the finest MMORPGs ever produced, in spite of its (obvious) age.

What is Project Hybrasyl?

Project Hybrasyl is an effort to create a viable private server for Dark Ages in tribute to that ancient Temuair, or more specifically: a DOOMVAS v1 emulator. DOOMVAS, or Distributed Object Oriented Multimedia Virtual Active System (phew), was one of the first MMORPG server / client architectures, designed and implemented in collaboration between Nexon and IBM Korea in the late 1990s.

Project Hybrasyl consists of a number of players who are committed to bringing a fully functioning game server to fruition. Currently, the project lead is @baughj, who focuses on development and world building. Along the way we have had quite a bit of help, input, and support from these fine Aislings. You may also wish to view our contributors list.

The project, from a technology point of view, consists of two major components:

Hybrasyl Server

This is a C# (.NET) server powering the game world itself. Originally started by @kojasou / Acht, it is now maintained by @baughj. The most recent version added support for Redis and XML as data sources (removing MySQL), added forum and messaging support, spawning, and more.

Hybrasyl Launcher

The Hybrasyl Launcher, written by @norrismiv, is a simple .NET application that makes it possible to connect to Hybrasyl, replacing the original launcher that was written by Acht. The new launcher is a WPF application following the MVVM design pattern, which supports displaying news items and serves as a solid basis for future functionality and development.

Hybrasyl Client

The Hybrasyl Client is an ongoing side project to develop a fully functional modern client for DOOMVAS v1 systems, in particular, Dark Ages. This project is primarily run by @dillk and @norrismiv. We hope to eventually release an installer once there has been significantly more development - and as always, finishing the server takes first priority.

Other Tools

We use GitHub to house our code and Atlassian's JIRA for issue tracking & project management.

A Word on Longevity

Throughout the history of Dark Ages, a number of individuals, either working alone or with others, have attempted to do what we have done. All of those efforts have fallen by the wayside, or have simply vanished utterly. We intend for Project Hybrasyl to be a solid foundation, creating a bright, vibrant future for what some of us still consider the best MMORPG (with the deepest and richest thematic elements) we have ever played.

To that end, Project Hybrasyl has made the commitment to do the following things:

We here at Project Hybrasyl also commit publicly to releasing all of our code immediately upon disbandment or abandonment of the project; as the leader of the project, @baughj in particular is committed to ensuring this happens. If we do falter, the rest of the Aisling tinkerers out there need not start from scratch. "Mundanes work with little progress" will not be an entry on our timeline!